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NJMCdirect: Violation of traffic rules or any other serious vehicular offence can sometimes cause huge worries. In certain areas, you have to pay money in order to compensate for the accident or the violation that you have caused. Paying your penalty fees on time is extremely important as you do not want to receive additional amounts as delay price. Nowadays, instead of visiting the police station, you can directly pay your penalty amount online, via the Government website. 

One of the earliest cities to introduce this scheme, New Jersey is following this law. This has led to fewer amounts of casualties on road, as individuals are afraid of paying a huge sum of money. On that note, if you have been charged with any casualty amount, you need not visit the court of the police station. Simply log on to the NJMC website and clear your dues on time. 

NJMCdirect Pay Ticket Bill Online!


The Advantages of the NJMCdirect portal:

The NJMCdirect portal is one of the best initiatives taken to avoid long queues at the police station for paying penalty fees. Instead, individuals can now directly take a look at the terms and conditions of the portal and pay the amount automatically. Paying fines is rather made simple with this portal. In fact, it is quite a burdensome experience that will allow you to pay the amount via a link without any receipts. The payment is 100% secure, and the processing stages are also quick and safe. 

What are the requirements for you to pay NJMC direct fees online?

If you are aware of the fact that you have already violated some rules and that a big amount is coming your way, it is high time that you prepare yourself for it. In order to pay the amount online, here are the things that you need to have with you-

  1. The traffic ticket, which consists of the number that you need to write down in the payment portal. 
  2. The LPN or license plate number of your vehicle. 
  3. The Credit/debit card for payment. Net banking is also preferable. 

Operational hours for NJMC Direct:

The easiest way to know the operational hours of NJMC direct is to visit the site directly. Here, you will find all the details regarding the service. The timings for paying your dues are as follows:

  • From Monday to Thursday, the money can be paid from 7.30 AM till 11.45 PM. 
  • On Friday, the money can be paid from 7.30 AM till 10.30 PM.
  • On Saturday, the money can be paid from 7.30 AM till 3.45 PM, as timings certainly change during the weekend.
  • Finally, on Sunday, the money can be paid from 1 PM till 11.45 PM.

Updates on operational hours are always available on the website. You can look up for changes, if any! Once you know the schedule, you can directly pay the amount and get all your dues cleared without any hassle. 

How do you pay the fees via the portal?

Digitalizing payments is one of the best solutions offered in case of paying fines. That is why; the NJMCdirect portal allows you to stay comfortable, while you keep track of your fees and pay it right on time. You can also check the last date for clearing the dues in case you have forgotten about it. This portal offers an in-depth idea about all the steps that are suitable to all for paying the amount.

To know the step by step procedure, quickly take a look at them below:

  1. The first step is to open the official website of NJMC via a good web Browser. Try to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for safe surfing. 
  2. Once the website opens, visit the right corner of the screen and click on ‘’payment order’. The page will automatically direct you to the ticket searching category. 
  3. Now, you must enter your ticket number find the amount that you must pay. Click on confirm to further proceed with the payment.
  4. You must enter a few details before you finally submit the amount online. These include the ticket number, the license plate ID, etc. Fill these details properly to smoothly get through the payment.
  5. Once done, you must now choose the payment method. You can either opt for direct net banking or use your credit/debit card to pay the fees. 
  6. Once the payment is processed, you can check all details available and even print the receipt as proof of payment. You need not present this receipt anywhere and simply keep it for future reference. 

In case you are having trouble paying the amount or you are denied access to the site, simply email all queries to the registered email ID. You can also call the service car centre to know more!